Growing and protecting your franchise in an ever-increasing legislative environment

In the last two decades the way we think about and interact with technology has changed substantially. The growth of digital communication, online transactions, electronic marketing and social media continues to accelerate – and shows no signs of slowing.
As a result, privacy and data protection is part of our everyday lives. We all put our faith in the companies we share our details with to operate within the law and treat our personal details with respect. Your customers put that faith in you.


Time for a change

The UK Data Protection Act came into force in 2000. Nearly twenty years on it remains a notoriously complex piece of legislation; many companies still struggle to interpret it with confidence. At the end of May 2018, however, the UK Data Protection Act will be replaced by European legislation called the GDPR, or General Data Protection Regulation.

‘Brexit’ will not halt the implementation of this new legislation. So: how ready are you for this change, and do you understand what your responsibilities will be?


Customers first

Business is built on communication. Whether lead generation, appointment making or customer care; cultivating and maintaining good relationships keeps the customer at the centre of everything you do, even in a challenging compliance environment.

We’ve all seen how the media reports companies falling victim to hacking and having customer information stolen. Data breaches don’t have to be on the scale of those suffered by Yahoo! for them to damage your business. Anything that impacts on trust reflects on the quality of your brand, making it harder to grow sales and revenue with your franchisees.

The GDPR is about to come into force and will change how you interact with customers, manage the information they share with you, and maintain the trust in your relationship with them. In preparation, you need to ask yourself the following:

· How compliant am I?

· Do I have the necessary consent to market to my customers and prospects?

· Do I have the legitimacy to contact them with my services and offers?


In need of answers?

In changing from the UK Data Protection Act to the GDPR, franchisors need to know what to look for and understand the potential problems. That’s where Chirple can help franchisors tackle the obligations that the GDPR will impose.

A trading style of the DMA-accredited Direct Affinity Events, Chirple are experts in lead generation and appointment making. With a mature, well-trained workforce pulled from all over the UK, they are committed to delivering outstanding results of the highest quality.

Chirple can’t legitimise the illegitimate or provide new consent where it has expressly been denied, but it can ensure that your database of prospects and clients is GDPR ready. Their knowledge will make sure that your brand is protected, trust is maintained and sales revenues are primed to grow.

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